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Year: 1990 - See form below to help name people!

Please help name people in this photo by filling in the form below:

Person's Name

Row Letter

Row Number


Row A
A1 Steve Merrett
A2 Ian Newbold
A3 Mark Petit
A4 Tim Chalmers
A5 Graham Matten
A6 Mr Doug Baker
A7 Mr David Hazel
A8 Mr Mike Donnan
A9 Mr Nick Brooks
A10 Drama (?) Vaan ??
A11 Mr Paul Hampson
A12 Mrs Vi Adair
A13 Matron Capel
A14 Dr Roger Peters
A15 Mr David Langley
A16 Mr David Peaster
A17 Mrs Jane Peaster
A18 Mr Peter Sheppard
A19 Mr Bill Owen
A20 Mr John Edwards
A21 Ms ?? Friend
A22 Mrs Ruth Hillier
A23 Mrs Parsons
A24 Mrs Kate Down
A25 Mrs Janice ??
A26 Mrs Pauline James
A27 Matthew Dunn
A28 Chris Spaul
A29 Neil King
A30 Andrew Beckett
A31 Cara Hilley
Row B
B1 Greg Carroll
B2 Justin Hildage
B3 Ali Watkins
B4 Alison Wright
B5 James Sargent
B6 Nathan Angel
B7 Tim Jackson
B8 Nick Turner
B9 Guy Wilson
B10 Paul Wilcoxson
B11 Jess Mountjoy
B12 Miles Randall
B13 Derek Tipple
B14 Chris Page
B15 Paul Turner
B16 Mark Gibbon
B17 Martin Plimmer
B18 Damian Eyre
B19 Justin Cooper
B20 Danny Cain
B21 Mike Baldwin
B22 Ruth Turner
B23 Calvin Haggis
B24 Chris Thomas
B25 Craig Clements
B26 Mark Gibson
B27 Steve Rowland
B28 Robert Wright
B29 Kirstie Bendall
B30 James Hodges
B31 Richard Kavanagh
B32 Mr Gerry Warriner
Row C
C1 Stuart Hicks
C2 Dave Gibson
C3 Nathan Wagstaff
C4 Mike Shelton
C5 Jennifer Tipple
C6 Joanne Woodhouse
C7 Michelle Jones
C8 Emma Francis
C9 Matthew Bowen
C10 Kelly Beeston
C11 Mel Owen
C12 Michelle Long
C13 Suzie Goldie
C14 Paul Galley
C15 Robert Alcock
C16 Phil Muir
C17 Richard Holdsworth
C18 Paul Yates
C19 Ben Honeyands
C20 Marcella Bettridge
C21 Wendy Johnston
C22 Chris Brooks
C23 Sheena Goldie
C24 Michelle King
C25 Karen Yates
C26 Dale Howe
C27 Claire Newbold
C28 Lisa Mohammet
C29 Sian Shelton
C30 Simon Kimberly
C31 Kenneth Corcoran
C32 Ben Eynon
Row D
D1 Daniel Wimble
D2 Andrew Smith
D3 Patricia Benford
D4 Leonie Channing
D5 Michael Fairhead
D6 Gail Edwards
D7 Ginnie Attwood
D8 Ben Jackson
D9 Joechen Diekman
D10 Kim Monaghan
D11 Kevin Riches
D12 Adam Whitbread
D13 John Jennings
D14 Darren Sadkowski
D15 Nick Chalmers
D16 Stu Mackinley
D17 Adam ?? White
D18 Nick Russell
D19 Christina Bettridge (??)
D20 Cameron Stonehouse
D21 Luke Leigh
D22 Mark Briggs
D23 Karl Walker
D24 Shea Hilley
D25 Ann Marie Curtis
D26 Calum Savage
D27 Lauren Hulston
D28 Virgina Whiteway-Wilkinson
D29 Heather Francis
D30 Jody Merrett
Row E
E1 Liz Turner
E2 Andrea Gibson
E3 Tony Hathaley
E4 Steven Woodhouse
E5 Clare Galley
E6 Steven Woodhouse
E7 Charles Ridley
E8 Dean Thomas
E9 Paul Hulston
E10 Mark Du Feu
E11 Philip Ward
E12 Antony Bliss
E13 James Leatherdale
E14 Greg Wilding
E15 Jamie Hildage
E16 James O'Halleran
E17 Duncan Roger
E18 Mike Blake
E19 Mark Allen
E20 Blaise Hodges
E21 Matthew Timmins
E22 Richard Williams
E23 Lee Hatherley
E24 Caroline Allen
E26 Jay Forrest
E27 Neil Haggis
E28 Sean White
E29 Steven Watts
E30 Lesley-Ann Corcoran
E31 Susan Benford
Row F
F1 Stuart Bustani
F2 Ian Quelch
F3 Mark Quelch
F5 Nick Watkins
F6 Lynne Edwards
F7 Michael Willis
F8 Bryn Reynolds
F9 Gareth Small
F10 Jess Hodges
F11 Rilley PC Mills
F12 Paul King
F13 Nick Anderson
F14 Sandra Thomas
F15 Tina Perry
F16 Paul Thornton
F17 Jamie Gilbert
F18 Fiona Benford
F19 Louise Schofield
F20 Adam Weaver
F21 Sean Greenhalgh
F22 Phil Page
F23 Andrew??
F24 Stephen Mehrlich (Smeg)
F25 Daniel Haggis
F26 Eric Shepherd
F27 Leslie-Anne Savage
F28 Chris Timmins
F29 Dave Mehrlich
F30 Michael Tipple
F32 Louise Greenhalgh
Row G
G1 Alex Tooms
G2 Mark Leigh
G3 Kerry Bendall
G4 Michelle Arnott
G5 Nicola Cook
G6 James

The names given in the above table have been inputted by members of the Quantock Community and may contain errors, typos, factual inaccuracies and other incorrect information!! I accept no responsibility for this data, but will change any entry if requested to do so !!!! Please Contact Mike at